Catalytic Converter Cleaners Solves A Myriad of Problems

Catalytic Converter and Engine Cleaner

Cars create a lot of pollution during their time on the road. Because of the fact that cars release carbon dioxide, amongst other gases, there are certain restrictions in place that limit the emission levels. The states, cities and of course the government want to limit the effect of harmful gases released by cars on the environment, to a minimum.

This fact plays an important part in modern car design and production. Whenever the laws regarding acceptable emission levels change, car producers have to adjust the fabrication process of their vehicles. But what about older cars that need adjusting to pass the low emission demands? Catalytic converters and catalytic converter cleaners can reduce emission levels in your car significantly.

Catalytic converter error codes

If the catalytic converter on your car is not doing its job properly, you may see an error code displayed on your dashboard or receive the code during an emission test. This test is performed to read out exact carbon dioxide emission levels and is a key factor in passing the regulated process of approval of your car. If you do not pass this test, or if you see the code displayed (sometimes the indicator is a red light on your dashboard) it is time to check your catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter is a part attached to your car exhaust system. This converter enables the car to improve the air to gas ratio when burning fuel in driving. The most common error code connected to a malfunctioning converter is P0420, meaning that there is a catalyst system efficiency below the acceptable threshold. There are two main solutions to this problem. The converter has to be replaced with a new one, or needs to be treated with a catalytic converter cleaner.

The most logical solution for a converter error is to remove the old converter and replace it with a new one. This can be done for you, or if you are handy with cars you can attempt to replace it yourself. This job does involve welding. You may also want to consider replacing the carbon trap on your car if you have one. This is quite an expensive procedure and can set you back around $1000. This is the solution that most dealers would offer if they see a code P0420. It is also the only available solution in the state of California. If you live in another state you can choose to just replace the converter.

Cleaning the converter

The computer control center in the car generates this error code depending on the current oxygen sensor readings in the car exhaust pipe. If your converter is not working the way it should, you are probably using more fuel than you would want to. Checking out if your sensors are working properly is another thing you should do if your error code is showing. If you don’t want to replace the entire converter there is another, albeit temporary, option to deal with this problem. With a quality catalytic converter cleaner it is possible to clean the catalytic converter and boost your mileage at the same time. A cleaner product is a very cheap solution and is available from car dealers.

Even though it is not always possible to resolve the issue with a catalytic converter cleaner, it is definitely worth a shot. The other option is to remove the catalytic converter from your car and cleaning it carefully with compressed air. It is important to also clean the oxygen sensor, or to replace the sensors if you don’t trust them anymore. Never add any products such as thinner to your car tank. Or any other liquids for that matter, unless you are using a catalytic converter cleaner. If your sensors are clogged up or dirty, the performance of your engine will suffer for it. If you need to boost the performance of your car, using a cleaner is the way to go, before trying to replace the converter. Eventually the converter will have to be replaced in the long run.

How to use a catalytic converter cleaner

A quality cleaner is very easy to use. You follow the instructions on the container and add the fluid to the contents of your fuel tank, after which it is important to drive your car for an hour or so. Head out to the motorway and drive at a high speed so that the liquid reaches the parts in the car that it should work on. A catalytic converter clean can clear up your converter to a point where the emission rate has improved to a point where you may pass an emission test. However, this is not guaranteed and cleaning the converter is a temporary solution.

Caring for your car

Caring for your car and its separate parts is often not as complicated as you may think it is. If you clean your converter on a regular basis (check with your dealer and always read the guidelines for car care in your car manual), you will get more use out of your car. Of course caring for your car goes a lot further than visual inspections and polishing the exterior. The inside of the car is what it is all about. Make sure to keep the exhaust pipe clean and occasionally check any places where parts have been welded, to make sure that everything is in a good condition. Using a cleaner should be part of the upkeep of your car, just like adding and replacing car oil, cooling agents and checking and replacing lamps. Doing all this will help to keep your car running smoothly and you will have less to worry about during regular check-ups and tests.

The tyre pressure of the car should always be good, low tyre pressure combined with a low catalytic converter output can really make driving expensive as you are using more fuel. Make it a priority to check out your converter output and used a catalytic converter cleaner today to allow your car to run smoothly again with a minimum of gas output!

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